Staying Healthy While Traveling

Traveling means making new memories and discovering new places. However, there can be a lot of anxiety surrounding travel experiences. From managing itineraries to being away from your daily routine, anxiety and feelings of discomfort can arise without a good plan in place. So today, we will walk you through our favorite nutritionally-focused travel tips that help maintain a sense of normalcy while away from home.

Preparing for Travel:

Before you board a plane or jump in your car to head to your destination, there are some pre-travel tasks to check off your list. Let’s start with nutrition. For many people, eating out for many meals in unfamiliar places can create a sense of fear. Whether you are a picky eater or are committed to a healthy lifestyle, we have some advice to offer you before you begin your trip. 

Plan Your Menu and Groceries Ahead

Instacart is a great app to utilize before you travel. Simply log in and update your address to your hotel or AirBnB location, then peruse the available grocers in the area. Prepare a menu in advance, taking into consideration your excursions and must-eat restaurants so you don’t order too much food that will go to waste.

Grocery delivery is a great way to ensure access to your favorite foods and is especially great for those with dietary restrictions or fluctuating itineraries. You won’t be stuck hungry and in a rut if you have your favorite foods waiting for you when you arrive.

Peep our travel snack list:

If you are traveling for several days and unsure what your food selections will be, make sure you bring enough for the plane ride and your trip. 

Plan Your Dining Experiences

Local cuisine is one way to understand and become immersed in a new culture. Food doesn’t need to be scary. It enriches our senses and heightens our experiences while traveling. It’s important to research local cuisine and top-rated dining experiences before you go to get the most out of your time and money.

If you have dietary restrictions, it is crucial to look up the ingredients of local dishes before you go to ensure you stay well throughout your vacation. If you prioritize your nutrition, research local foods and top-rated restaurants to find options that fit your needs. You can create a list of these dishes on your phone or in a notebook to quickly refer to them at a restaurant.

Lastly, don’t restrict food. You often walk more and burn more calories when sightseeing and exploring a new place. Plan ahead, even adding an extra healthy fat and protein packed snack for the extra calories you are expending. Know your options and strike a good balance between dietary structure and exploration.

Research Your Airport Terminal 

Most airports and airplanes are limited in meal options. As a result, many people complain of stomach upset when traveling, and it’s not just due to nerves. Throwing our bodies into new situations and schedules with unfamiliar foods can lead to digestion issues. So, how do we remedy this?

Research the airport terminal you are flying out of and check for restaurant options you like, or that can meet your nutritional requirements. Some restaurants will have salads or salad bar options, while some terminals have pre-made salads to grab before your flight. International airports might also have all-day breakfast options to accommodate international travelers. You can often find made-to-order omelets and fresh fruit at restaurants and cafes.

If you have access to airport clubs like the American Express Lounge, they usually have many health-friendly options, including salad bars, soups, and teas 24 hours a day.

On Arrival:

Once you arrive at your destination, you likely won’t have much time to stop for meals and snacks on a whim. This is where pre-planning comes into play. 

Travel-Friendly Snacks

You might get hungry while waiting for your luggage, a taxi, and checking into your hotel. This is the perfect time to grab a Rebbl protein shake. Keep a few in your checked bag, or find one on Instacart to fuel you until your next meal.

Why do we love Rebbl? Their many flavors and options come in handy in a variety of situations. For instance, we love the Matcha Latte Super Herb Elixir as an afternoon pick-me-up, but when we feel a bit peckish, Rebbl protein drinks keep us nourished and satisfied until our next meal. We also love that Rebbl uses plant-based milk, protein, and superfoods like ashwagandha, maca, and reishi! Not to mention their protein drinks are full of MCTs from coconut oil for metabolic support and energy.

Our snack list also considers travel-safe food options like apples, bananas, and celery paired with organic peanut butter to hold you over until it’s mealtime!

Um, I’m already on vacation. Now what?!

Don’t stress, friends. Most restaurants will be able to accommodate you with a beautiful salad and some grilled chicken. Always include healthy fats like avocados, nuts and seeds, hummus, and tahini to stabilize your blood sugar and feel full for hours while you take in the sites of a new city.

Make the most out of options that are available to you. Also, it’s not too late to find some of your favorite foods via delivery service or a local market. But, most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously, and have a wonderful time away!


Preparation is key to maintaining healthy habits while on vacation. Look at local grocery options and restaurants before you go so you know how to create a plan of action. Consider packing travel-friendly snack options and meal replacements like protein shakes and peanut butter with fruit. Anticipate hunger during long wait times at the airport and stock up on your favorite protein drinks. Stick to tried and true favorites at restaurants, like freshly prepared salads with healthy fats and protein.

Lastly, find flexibility in your approach. Make room for an adventure and make the most out of every trip. Try the local cuisine and immerse yourself in new cultures. Make memories and feel good while you travel!

About the Author: Meet Dr. ZenAlissia Zenhausern- Pfeiffer, NMD, FABNE, (commonly known by her patients as Dr. Zen), is a licensed naturopathic doctor board certified in naturopathic endocrinology and the founder of NMD Wellness of Scottsdale, a premier naturopathic medical practice that focuses on helping women to take a proactive approach to their hormone and fertility health. Dr. Zen has been featured as a lead expert in Forbes, Shape Magazine, and Instyle and is deeply passionate about bridging the gap between traditional and natural medicine in the world of fertility. She works with a variety of hormone related issues including PCOS, endometriosis and unexplained infertility. Her goal is to help more women get back into the driver’s seat of their own health to make lasting transformational changes to their health to bring more cute and adorable babies into this world. Read More About Dr. Zen...