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Are you struggling with thyroid disease, including Hashimoto's thyroiditis, metabolic disorders, or weight management challenges?

Our naturopathic medical team specializes in a comprehensive approach to thyroid care, offering a supportive hand in your journey towards wellness. We understand that thyroid conditions can be complex, and our integrative approach is designed to complement your existing conventional medical care.

Patients can expect to receive clarity on the factors that influence their health and metabolism and a realistic plan to address each aspect of their metabolic health using the latest advances in research while including the accountability and frequent touch-points our patients deserve. 

By educating patients about the impact of nutrition, dietary supplements and hormones have on their health, patients feel empowered to make positive lifestyle choices that compliment their conventional medical care. With strategic planning, patients feel heard and understood and are provided achievable goals for their health needs.


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Tailored Hormonal Care

Thyroid Support & Management

The American Thyroid Association estimates that around 12% of the U/S population will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime, and the majority of those affected are women. One of the most common causes of thyroid dysfunction in women is Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Our skilled naturopathic team is experienced in managing this complex condition. We focus on reducing inflammation, addressing underlying immune system issues and optimizing thyroid hormone levels to help you regain control over your health. By providing you the nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle strategies in combination with medication intervention, we provide you unparalleled thyroid management and care.

Metabolic Disorder Solutions

Metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance, are often linked to thyroid problems. We employ evidence-based approaches to improve your metabolic health, which can help manage conditions like type 2 diabetes and others. Our integrative methods include dietary guidance, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications, all aimed at restoring balance to your metabolism.

Holistic Approach to Weight Loss Management

Tired of hearing your doctor say "Just exercise more and eat less"?We understand that weight management is complex and requires significant accountability and support.  Our naturopathic team provides guidance on personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes that support healthy weight management, taking into account your unique health profile giving you the short and long term sustainable changes you have been looking for.

Harmonious Integration with Conventional Care

Our naturopathic care complements your conventional medical treatments. We collaborate with your primary care physicians and specialists to ensure a unified approach to your thyroid, metabolic and weight management needs. By combining the strengths of both naturopathic and conventional medicine, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment.

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