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Your six week postpartum medical visit isn't enough. At NMD Wellness of Scottsdale, we recognize the importance of postpartum care and it's impact on both mother and child.

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Why You Need Naturopathic Postpartum Care

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As many institutes and medical associations have realized, our current conventional postpartum care is ultimately broken and failing women greatly. Although new advancing our being made to improve postpartum care, most women continue to experience frustration about the limited support and care they receive postpartum.  Whether you experienced complications in pregnancy, labor & delivery or you are looking for ways to maximize your health postpartum, at NMD Wellness of Scottsdale, we believe in the importance of offering comprehensive testing, nutritional and lifestyle support, as well as supporting the management of your postpartum needs including addressing thyroid, metabolic and hormonal needs.

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 Comprehensive Postpartum Care

Our naturopathic medical team is dedicated in provide you the comprehensive postpartum support you deserve. Offering a supportive hand in your journey throughout motherhood is an important way we can support your health both mentally and physically. We understand your postpartum experience is complex, and our integrative approach is designed to complement your existing conventional medical care.

atients can expect to receive clarity on the factors that influence their health and are provided a realistic plan to address each aspect of their postpartum health using the latest advances in research while including the accountability and frequent touch-points our patients deserve.

By educating patients about their impact of nutrition, dietary supplements and hormones have on their health, patients feel empowered to make positive lifestyle choices that fit their current needs. With strategic planning, patients feel heard and understood and are provided achievable goals for their health needs.

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