1:1 Direct Care with Dr. Zen


If you're struggling with getting pregnant then I can help you!

If you have been looking for comprehensive in-depth testing, personalized nutrition plans, individualized protocols and concierge support to get to the root cause of your hormone related symptoms, this program is the perfect fit for you!

My programs will get you back into the driver's seat of your own health

Whether you are dealing with irregular cycles, thyroid disease and/or you are struggling to get pregnant, we can help you with step-by-step comprehensive care to get you back to feeling your best!

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Here's how we can work together:

Virtual Health Coaching

Not local to Arizona but looking for individualized 1:1 health coaching?  Meet with our certified functional medicine virtual health coach to help you balance your hormones naturally.


1:1 with Dr. Zen

Visit our Scottsdale-based medical practice for comprehensive naturopathic endocrinology care.


Online Fertility Course

 Access our proven fertility method from ANYWHERE!


So if you're tired of...

  • Feeling unheard and unseen by your current medical team.
  • Being told "just keep trying" with no additional testing or support given.
  • Being told birth control is your only option for managing your symptoms
  • Missing work/school/social events because of your symptoms
  • Ready to get pregnant but worried you will experience another miscarriage

Then it's time we make a change!

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Helped Me Avoid IVF

Before I started working with Dr. Zen, I felt overwhelmed by the idea that I would never get pregnant. I had been seen by countless doctors and was told IVF was my next best option. Luckily, right before we decided to start IVF, I meet with Dr. Zen and it was honestly the best decision I ever made. I finally felt heard and was so excited she was ready to make my health and my fertility a priority. I finally felt like I was part of my own fertility care and it was so refreshing to know I was getting her complete and undivided attention. She was so supportive and I always called her my health detective! I finally felt like after years of infertility, I was finally working with my body instead of against it. Now, after having our son, I am constantly telling all my friends to go see her!

- Caroline D.

Treating the Root Cause

I had recently completed an at-home hormone test, when I realized that I had low ovarian reserve. I was utterly shocked and so worried, I would never be able to get pregnant. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Zen and after working with her not only did she identify that I had Hashimoto's Disease, but her care plan helped me lower my thyroid antibodies, improve my thyroid function and even improved by AMH levels! It was amazing! We are now 22 weeks pregnant with our daughter and I couldn't be more excited!  

- Lauren B.

Getting My Life Back

I had been struggling with debilitating periods for years and was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 25 years old. I literally had to lay on the bathroom floor between zoom meetings every time I got my period. I had done 4 laproscopic procedures which only seems to give me temporary relief. I honestly thought this was just going to be the way I felt for the rest of my life, but everything changed when I worked with Dr. Zen. To be honest, I was a little skeptical and apprehensive that she could change the debilitating pain I was experiencing without surgery, but to my surprise after working with her for 3 months, I barely notice my periods at all! It has been absolutely life changing and my only regret was not seeing her sooner!

- Jess M.

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