Do I have to get blood work before my first visit?

As an integrative medical clinic, we believe in the importance of whole- body medicine and finding the root cause of your unique hormonal imbalance. In order to have an accurate look at your current health, blood work is often recommended, however if you have recently had your blood work completed with your primary care, OBGYN, or endocrinologist, not a worry, Dr. Zen can review your current lab results with you as well as she will also discuss any additional blood work that may be of interest in your particular case now or in the near future.

Comprehensive blood work is a critical component to our patient’s success. We believe in providing recommendations based on your unique health and not as a blanket statement. Blood work can be completed with the lab of your choice (if your insurance requires a particular lab), or we also offer cash- pay pricing for patients with high deductibles or with no insurance.


Will Dr. Zen Work With my Current Medical Doctors?

Yes, Dr. Zen believes in an integrative approach to optimizing your health. She believes in the importance of working as a team and works closely with other specialists and providers including Primary Care Physicians, Endocrinologist, Reproductive Endocrinologist, OBGYNs, and Dermatologist to list a few.

Dr. Zen completed a variety of medical rotations in private clinics, allopathic as well as integrative hospitals which has provided her with extensive insight on collaborative integrative care for better patient outcomes.


Do You accept My Insurance?

We do not accept insurance, however, HSA/ FSA often cover consultations and supplements as prescribed by Dr. Zen.

You may also personally submit any bills to your insurance, however, any cost incurred are the sole responsibility of the patient. Please speak to your insurance company regarding possible coverage.


Does Dr. Zen offer Tele-medicine consultations?

Yes, at NMD Wellness of Scottsdale, we believe in providing exclusive concierge care to all of our patients. Many of our patients travel often which is why we have implemented our telemedicine consultations which allows you to meet with Dr. Zen from anywhere.

Interested in becoming a new patient? Schedule a FREE 15 minute video consultation with Dr. Zen to find out more about how she can help optimize your health!

Can Dr. Zen prescribe

pharmaceuticals Medications?

Yes, Dr. Zen is a licensed naturopathic doctor in the the state of Arizona. She is viewed as a Primary Care Physician and is able to prescribe pharmaceutical medications (including bio-identical hormones, antibiotics and etc) when indicated.