How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is definitely one of my favorite things to do, whether it’s a beach vacation or a city escape, count me in! I am always excited to try new restaurants, find new museums and roam the city like a local. Okay, Okay, I might think I’m Carrie Bradshaw living my best life in my perfect couture outfit and my Jimmy Choo shoes , but, I mean, a girl can dream! Right?!

Although my travel accessories more likely include my favorite pair of Nike shoes and camera, one thing I always noticed when I traveled was how taxing traveling can be on the body. Between long days, busy schedules, lack of a routine, difficulty finding healthy meals and most likely a little less sleep than usual, your body can definitely notice a difference. That’s why I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite travel wellness tips to help keep you on top of your wellness game whether your traveling to Paris or maybe just Cincinnati.

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Prep is everything!

Think of traveling as a test in the world of wellness. You wouldn’t take an important test without studying, Right? That’s exactly why it is so important to study your new city. This will definitely keep your head in the game and help reduce your risk of making less than perfect healthy decisions. Make sure to find out whether your hotel offers green smoothies, or check out instagram for the best vegetarian or vegan restaurants so you don’t end up feeling stuck eating fried food, because well, at least it’s vegan. You also will want to find out if your hotel or AirBnB has access to a gym or a nature walk near by so you can make sure and get your exercise on! If you are a runner, there are plenty of apps to help you map out your route even after just landing in a new city. Take advantage of using technology to help you prepare for your trip. Even consider calling a local yoga, spin or barre studio for a one day pass to check out during your trip.

Stay Hydrated

Between flying, changes in climate, and long busy days, staying hydrated can be the last thing you might be thinking about. Staying properly hydrated will not only help keep your skin glowing all travel long, but it will also be an effective way to ward off water retention, so say goodbye to those dreaded puffy legs. Staying hydrated will also aid in digestion, and keep your immune system in tip top shape. We all know that traveling can definitely rob us of good digestion so make sure to take all precautions to help you rest and digest. If you are flying or driving, make sure to bring a stainless steel or glass water bottle with you. (make sure it’s empty before you go through security so you don’t get the anger eye rolls from slowing down the line). Once you make it through security, fill up your water bottle and make sure you are drinking at least half your body weight in ounces throughout your travel day.

Boost that Melatonin

If you are traveling between time zones, or work as a flight attendant, make sure to bring some melatonin with you to help support your normal sleep cycle. Melatonin is the natural hormone released from your brain (specifically your Pineal Gland). When we travel, we can throw off our body’s natural release of melatonin, so make sure to take some melatonin when you reach your final destination. Take it at the bedtime of your new city so that you can help your body find it’s new normal. Melatonin is definitely one of those things that you don’t want to over do. Less is more. Too much Melatonin can lead to vivid dream which can actually interrupt your restful REM sleep. It can also make you feel foggy in the morning and make traveling that much harder on your body. Another great way to boost your body’s natural melatonin is to open the blinds and step outside first thing in the morning. Natural sunlight is a great cue our body uses to regulate melatonin and cortisol production.

Boost Gut Health

Most of us can definitely notice our gut health isn’t working as well when we travel, between the lack of proper hydration, not so healthy meals and changes in routine, our gut can be totally out of whack leading to gas, bloating, constipation and indigestion. Keep your gut health going with digestive enzymes and a high quality probiotic. My favorite travel probiotic is OrthoBiotic by Ortho Molecular (available on my Wellness Counter). Not only is this probiotic have the high quality standards I am looking for but it is great to travel with because it undergoes a dried- freezed process which means it doesn’t need to be refrigerated! Digestive Enzyme are also a travel- must for me because even if we are trying our very best to eat healthy, we may not always have access to fresh, organic, grass - fed, NON- GMO and etc products. Digestive enzymes are taking with your meal and help your body naturally digest your food. Say good-bye to TUMS.

Pack Healthy

Make sure when you are packing your suitcase that you plan for all of your health needs. Pack a cute workout outfit and sneakers even if you aren’t sure you will have time to break a sweat. The worst excuse is not having the equipment you need. Pack all your supplements and medication to keep your body on the same schedule. Pack healthy snacks like protein bars, or bring protein powder in a zip-lock bag so you can just add water and go when you arrive to your new location.

  • Go Macro Protein Bars

  • Orgain Protein Powder (Plant- Based or Whey Based)

  • Raw organic veggies like sliced cucumber, celery, carrot sticks or bell peppers

  • Made Good Trail Mix (great option for my nut- free friends)

Get Outside

Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, make it a priority to get outside every day. Take a few deep breaths while listening to 10 minute mediation on your phone. (insight timer is my favorite and it’s FREE!). Getting outside will help you de-stress and gain mental clarity even during the busiest of trips.

Bring your Own Non- Toxic Beauty Products

Although may hotels are making a conscious effort to become more “green” many of their products including shampoos, conditioner and body lotions still contain a lot of unnecessary chemicals. Make it easy on your body by bring your non- toxic beauty products from home. Working on finding cleaner beauty product, use the Think Dirty app to help you learn more about what your favorite products may be hiding.

Dr. Zen