Dr. Zen’s Favorite Vitamin Organizers

Dr. Zen’s Top Vitamin Organizers


If you are anything like me, you take a handful of vitamins, maybe even two handfuls, if we are being completely honest. Each week, I set out all of my supplements and organize them. For years, I used an ugly pill organizer that was never actually large enough for all my vitamins or would take up half my purse. So today, I thought I would share some of my favorite supplement organizers and tips to help you to remember when to take your supplements.

Vitamin Organization 101

Finding the right pill organizer will depend on the amount, type and frequency of your supplement consumption. Some supplements are taken once a day, while others are taken with every meal. Understanding when you should be taking your supplements will help you determine what type of pill organizer you will need. Will you need multiple dividers for one day? Do you want to organize your supplements every day or just once a week?

You will also need to determine if any of your supplements need to be refrigerated. This is a common mistake many people unknowingly make. I can’t tell you how many times I have had patients tell me they take their probiotics, for example, but never knew they needed to be refrigerated. Not all supplements, including probiotics, need to be refrigerated, but, it is important to read the label on each and every supplement you take. If you are taking probiotics that need to be refrigerated and you are leaving them instead in your purse, since it is easier for you to remember, you are doing yourself a disservice since those live bacteria, that require refrigeration, are now dead. This is also another reason why I try to use supplements that do not require refrigeration, I am totally guilty of leaving my supplements in the refrigerator and forgetting to take them. For probiotics, I love Designs for Health’s Ortho biotics since they are prepared using a dried-freeze process which allows them to be stable at room temperature. This allows me to simply add them to my pill organizer and have them with me at all times.

Vitamin Routine

Since many of my patients are taking pre-natal vitamins, as well as, vitamins or medications that may need to be taken only on certain days of their cycle, I recommend organizing your supplements weekly instead of monthly. For me personally, I organize my supplements on Sundays during my Sunday routine. This allows me to start the week off right and allows me to see if I am running low and need to order any additional supplements. I love using our Supplement Counter to easily order and have my supplements delivered directly to my door. We all have a MILLION things to do so using a physician- approved, third party tested system, totally takes the guessing out of buying and ordering your supplements.

Vitamin Reminders

Most people can say, they are pretty consistent with taking their supplements, if they only have to take them once a day. The problem lies when you have to take supplements multiple times a day or some need to be taken with meals while others do not. This is where it can become a little challenging, and for some, overwhelming and discouraging. As a naturopathic doctor, I have really found that routine is the key to success and can help alleviate that overwhelmed feeling. This is also why I highly encourage my patients to use pill organizers.

Maybe two is better than one?

If you are taking supplements that need to be taken throughout the day, for example at lunch, I highly recommend ordering two bottles of that particular supplement. You can always keep a bottle at home as well as in your purse or at your office, to make it easier. Over the years, I have definitely found that the lunch dosing is always the most problematic and least consistent time. Most of the time, I try to avoid mid-day dosing, since this can be difficult. However, if you are taking Digestive Enzymes, for example, which need to be taken with every meal, I recommend using a reminder system. This can be a note on your computer, and sticky note on your mirror or an app that will alert you to take your supplements.

Another note on Digestive enzymes, you will often see the label instructions indicate that you must take your digestive enzymes 20 minutes BEFORE a meal. Let’s be honest, NO ONE remembers to take them 20 minutes before a meal. And if you do, you deserve a little trophy. For those who get discouraged with digestive enzymes, here is a little secret. It’s totally okay to take them with your meal. I know, I may have just rocked your world. Truth is, digestive enzymes are involved in all aspects of digestion, which means, if you taken them during your meal, they will still assist with digestion.

Best Reminder Apps

If you are like me, you love your technology. I love it so much that I would rather leave my wallet at home than my phone. (What?! I’m a millennial, I can’t help myself). If you are like me and need some extra tech support to remind you to take your supplements, here are a few of my favorite ways to remember those supplements.

If you have a pretty consistent schedule and know you will be at home every day at the same time to take your supplements you can ask Alexa or Siri to set an alarm to remind you when to take your supplements. If you are a busy body or a mom who has way too many obstacles for a perfect routine, apps on your phone might be the best way to go. So here are a few of my favorites:

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